Tape processing hook

(6 yuan per meter)

Boring machining

(15 yuan per meter)

Korean fold processing

(15 yuan per meter)

Original design

JINCHAN New York famous home textile designers Caparelli Marsha as a design consultant Lead curtain industry with more international perspective

Factory direct sales

Germany imported embroidery machine, world class technology Professional production and management, each material Is a fine

Scientific cutting

The flower to the grid cutting technology, in ensuring the beauty Sex, but also to ensure that the size of your curtains Accuracy

Exquisite packaging

Depending on the different goods selected different packaging, In order to ensure the maximum degree of transportation safety products

Professional ironing

JINCHAN each of the finished products are through the whole Bit ironing, strict quality inspection step by step

Teacher Fu Fengren

Years of experience of the teacher, the quality is guaranteed, The pursuit of fine workmanship are said to walk the line firmly step on the line,

From raw material selection to the production of curtain finished products, quality control, in line with the EU's environmental standards, After strict quality supervision and inspection center certification authority

We have been focused on the concept of customer products, according to different commodity properties and The selection of different packaging material, in order to ensure the maximum degree of transportation safety products
Packing bag, curtain screens with small bags plus carton packaging, outer packaging rope consolidation, Hard wear-resistant, not easy to deformation, the maximum extent to ensure the transport safety of goods

The "JINCHAN" trademark was awarded the first Shaoxing county famous brand in June 1994.

"JINCHAN" brand products in 1998 won the Shaoxing famous brand products

"JINCHAN" brand products won the brand-name products in Zhejiang Province in 2003

"JINCHAN" brand products in 2006 won the product quality inspection

"JINCHAN" brand products won the brand-name products in Shaoxing exports in 2006

"JINCHAN" brand products won the brand-name products in 2007 Chinese

"JINCHAN" brand trademark in 2008 won the Zhejiang export brand

2013 Jinchan cloth has become the most popular brand Chinese ten curtain